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Amusing Antidote

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Mysterious Ninja kicking ass mini tv serious plot.

It'd be a kick-ass movie too

name: Really Pungent Feline

email: email..?

comment: Write about ninjas... beating up pirates and then write about ... dude.


If I didn't know who you were I'd make fun of you for calling yourself a Feline. Anyway... I'm going to come up with a plot for a mini-series tv show. It's probably not going to be great…or long...But if you have ideas for a plot twist, that'd be peachy.

hmm... Well.. Here it goes.


   In a secret pirate headquarters off the coast of Northern Ireland a confidential plot was brewing to take over the Atlantic Ocean. Plans were made on ships to build; they just had to find a way to put get everything put together. What they didn't know was one of their pirates was an undercover ninja...Will their plan ever go through? Will the ninjas and pirates have a big battle? Who will take over the Atlantic Ocean? Tune in next time to... OCEANS OF TURMOIL


Sorry that was kind of crappy, I was playing video games at the same time. But there will be an Oceans of Turmoil two, so wait that out.

You know what rocks more than amusing-antidote?? If you said sarcastic're correct.

If you're cool like me you'll go to

C`mon..everyone's doing it.


Johnny Depp may be hot..but Ninjas are cooler than pirates any day.

Animal Crackers Rule.