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Amusing Antidote

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The real story behind the cheatage

Don't cheat kids, I know you do, but you should stop.

For those of you crazies who are interested in the truth...
   One day, I believe it was Tuesday the 20th, my good friend Andrew spotted this girl we are not so fond of cheating...We slaved over this really long packet thing for hours to get it done the next day, and we come in and see her copying off this guy she sits next to..Andrew is all "Gah...I am anti-cheating..." So he's all mad and just watching her the whole time, well we got let out for a little break and Andrew and I went into the classroom and told Mr. Elyea, and I didn't say anything, I'm not the kind of person to tattle..So, Andrew tells Mr. E and all he says was "Yes, I know, I saw...I'm not blind" So we walk away and I was like "that was extremely awkward..."
And that was baically the whole thing....good topic Andrew....not..
                                              I love Cake!!! 

Cheating gets you no where.

Animal Crackers Rule.