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Amusing Antidote

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Band...and what I want to happen to the director.

Someone you'll never want to meet.

In a recent comment......
name: The Fishmoose

email: -----------------

comment: How about you talk about that jackass of a band teacher that we have? Sounds like a good topic to me...

Once upon a time there was a band director named Mr. Root. Mr. Root is the kind of guy that favors people.... But he seems to only favor the attractive people. Which is a problem for me since I'm not the greatest looking person in the world.

     Here's a pretty detailed description of what this guy looks like: He isn't very tall, I'd say...ya know what I don't even care..and neither should you. Anyway, he kind of looks like a retarded seal with a flat face, whenever I picture him smiling (which isn't often) I always picture him with missing teeth. If you can imagine yoda...but with three heads and like...a fire breathing ability when mad, and maybe like a flock of seagulls hair do on one head and like, gross stuff dripping from his noses, and weird running pants on that he wears everyday and like a welfare shirt with holes and it and pit stains and like a pencil in one of his ears, really leathery skin with like a piratey eye patch cause he wants to be one so bad, but he's not cool enough, and he had terrible shoes with horribly long socks..I think this guy is a fashion red alert. So, he's basically green, with bad hair, bad clothes, three heads, and some other stuff, he gets a weird shade of red when he's mad and I'm pretty sure his veins pop out..I try not to look at him much, this is just what I picture when I think of him.

  If anything possible were to happen to him...this is what I would want to watch..First we get him and all of his favorite suck up students in a car, drive them over to Hong Kong, get them out of the car, freeze them into jello while they're still alive, then put the huge jello mold on a huge frying pan for a few hours until it burns them all, then put them back in the car and make them drive back to America (underwater) then make them go to the grand canyon and drive off a cliff, then have them get eaten by some alligators in the Florida Everglades, then have them be spat out cause they're too gross to eat, then ship them off to the White House in a air tight box and make them listen to a speech by President Bush for 7 hours....then send them to California and watch them get torn apart by sharks on the coast, after that we'll leave them in Antarctica and frolic on home. The End.


Get out of band while you can. Learn to play the steel drum with me..we'll start a band and play at weddings or something.

Animal Crackers Rule.