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Amusing Antidote

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Whats inside you're skull

Story from a pretty long time ago

name: Erin Kateykins Bloom


comment: Hmmmmmmmm...
At leat put on your story about the padded room and the sticky notes. And stuff like that!
I wrote this like...before Middle School
Whats Inside Your Skull?
Your brain is actually a company controlled by tiny executives or lawn gnomes, that carry threats to different branches of your company. Around the age of 12 or 13, a sudden burst of anger begins and continues until you go completely mad and they lock you up, leaving you with nothing but a pen and a pad of sticky notes. You sit there for days on end staring at the pen and paper. Finally! It comes to you. You start writing down all of those generated threats and sticking them on the window that you can't see through, but you know, on the other side are people watching you. After the creepy people finish reading your threats...they stop giving you food. Ironically, you outlive all of those creepy people and you escape by using the pen, your faithful fairy godmother, and your Easter Bunny stuffed animal. Believe it or not, it is far into the future. You open the door to the bright, bright light because the earth is a lot closer to the sun. All you see is a happy neighborhood of giant blue people with green stripes traveling around on multicolored pogo sticks with little circle shaped houses...So you ask your fairy godmother to pinch you to see if you are dreaming, but the thing of it is, you are dreaming, and you wake up to padded walls, a pen, and some sticky notes...
A Documentary by Jessie

and I found that in a box in my weird was I?

Erin is the coolest.

Animal Crackers Rule.