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Amusing Antidote

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Penguin Story

Better yet..three dancing penguins..

I recently got this comment... We'll just say it's from a fan..
"name: Yotasha Mabika Memmudekuh


comment: i think u should write about the wacky misshaps and wild adventures of three dancing penguins" it goes
    There once were three dancing penguins by the names of Yotasha, Mabika, and Memmudekua, they were sent on a wild adventure to go ice fishing on lake thisstoryisgoingtobepointless...After given three fishing poles, some hooks, and bait they were off...thats when mishap number one happened..While doing a pirouette... Memmudekua chopped off Mabika's wing with her fishing pole...With Yotasha being the only normal one left...they set off, frolicking along the trail came mishap number two...Yotasha was skipping along happily, swinging her fishing pole...when the hook got caught in Mabika's beak and pulled out the inside of her head...yeah, she didn't survive that one, so after Yotasha and Memmudekua hid the body they kept trudging along, they still had quite a ways to, Memmudekua decided to practice her tap dancing with Yotasha following along side, Memmudekua was bustin out some moves when she went into high-speed river dancing mode, (get ready for mishap number three*)she trampled Yotasha's body until all that was left was a wing and a fishing pole...Yes, Memmudekua made it to thisstoryisgoingtobepointless, but it was coming on spring, when Memm stepped out on the ice, she broke through, then, there was an environmental terrorist attack, moving the world backwards from spring to winter, freezing Memmudekua under the ice know what happens... And that was the end of the three dancing penguins and their 'wild' adventure..

I hope your happy Yotasha....


*Three mishaps and three penguins make it a fairytale from hell


Let me add a little something else here Tashie... not only was it painful for me to think about three dancing penguins, it was painful for me to read your comment. Explain to me how I am suppost to read comments with they say "u" and  "misshaps" you might as well have added "LOL!!1!111" at the end. jerk.

Penguins are cool...and Yotasha is not.

Animal Crackers Rule.